Monday, July 23, 2007

He's done it, again!

My husband and I now cherish the time we sit at the cafe of our local golf 'club' while our son has his lessons. It's often the only time we are not busy with stuff around the house or he's too tired to hold any intelligent conversation.

Then he goes to pick son up from the driving range, or wherever.

Yesterday son came back with him and waved a piece of paper in my face. It was his YMG Silver Award.

I was taken completely by surprise.

He has been working his way up the YMG ladder: Cadet (distinction), Bronze (merit) and Silver ... well, nobody in the class passed Silver the first time. Son completely forgot he had his theory test and spent about 10 minutes revising. He was lucky he got away with the theory with that.

They needed to be able to do various things in practice before they could pass. We had the impression they had to do the course about three times over before they could pass.

Last week husband told me that he was swinging the club much more comfortably. So obviously there had been some improvement and the certificate is proof that he had made the grade. (Just 'Passed' because he could not re-sit theory again.)

One more feather in his cap.

His handwriting is improving. Working on leaving spaces between words.

Good work, son!

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