Monday, June 09, 2008

Being Franck about one's abilities

Yesterday we did the unprecedented. We took our son to an Anglican church not far from us where his piano teacher plays the organ.

After the service we were treated to a rousing performance of Walton (composed for a coronation, don't ask me which one).

Son was allowed to play his exam piece by C Franck (written for the piano to sound like an organ) on the pipe organ. There were a first few hesitant notes. And then he was off.

So we take our hat off to the composer. It really sounds good on the organ despite the fact that it was being played by an eight-year-old!

As we waited a number of people who were busy tidying up the church after the service asked if we were OK. Proud mother here found herself saying, "That's my son on the organ." Everyone who came to talk to us seemed suitably (or politely) impressed.

We left him to play for a bit. He seemed, after a while, to be really enjoying himself. He tried playing another exam piece, but clearly it was not written for the organ and sounded a bit weird. We then got a bit worried that he might decide to launch into the theme from Indiana Jones. But son was sensible.

Later on Mr Piano Teacher confirmed that our son is a 'natural' on the organ. That means we have to think seriously about whether or when he should switch to playing the organ alongside his piano and clarinet.

Thankfully, we still have six inches of time. His legs are not long enough to reach the pedals, and we would let him continue with the piano for the next couple of years instead.

The only problem is, now that he has played the organ, he seems to be very keen to play it again!

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