Thursday, November 27, 2008

High Society

Last week was a busy week. Just out of exams in the previous week, son and mates were rehearsing very hard for their music production which was a mish-mash of Broadway musicals and films.

They performed first on Thursday evening and then again on Friday evening.

On the way to school on Friday a parent told him what a star he was. O! OK.

At pick-up time another parent said how much she enjoyed the show and when she realized that I hadn't seen it said, "O! Then I won't spoil the surprise for you."

Friday evening, mum, dad and godfather trekked down to school. Another parent greeted me with, "He's got the best American accent." O!

And so we saw our eight-year-old in an oversize waistcoat act as a very drunk reporter (Mike Conner) confronting CT Dexter Haven in High Society. I think the other parents were being very kind when they heaped him with praise. But they know how shy this young man is and for him to do what he did was very much stepping out of his comfort zone.

Well done! (And we await a visit from the Social Services to find out how he learned to act so drunk!)

This is more fun than the 100% in Maths exam, son.

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