Saturday, April 04, 2009

Merit in Clarinet

End-of-term assembly yesterday and he was awarded his Band badge as well as being presented with his Grade 2 Clarinet Certificate (ABRSM) with Merit. On the whole the boys had done very well with two boys gaining distinctions (one in Grade 1 Oboe and one in Grade 5 Trumpet).

Have I mentioned that he was fantastic Mr Fox in the school production? I had lots of mums come up to me to say how wonderful they thought he was. I was embarrassed because I didn't know all their names. Most of the parents know me/us from when I was chair of the PTA.

Grade cards also came home and it was A1 and A2 in all academic subjects with Bs in Games and PE and C in Swimming. BUT, big BUT, no '3' in Effort.

Boy done good, we thought. We are not concerned with the 2's in some subjects (like Maths) which indicates that he does not actually put much of an effort in it. This next term's grades will be based on exams, I think. There is revision to do this term break.

Can't wait!!!

As if.

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