Friday, September 04, 2009

Cub Camp

As I write son has just been deposited at his fourth Cub Camp.

For the first time he was reluctant to go.

Turned out that he was told off at the last camp for something that he claimed he did not do -- being the loudest in his tent/room. He was tired and wanted to go to bed but the others were noisy and then a leader came and decided that he was "the loudest" and told him off.

He looked alright as he settled into his tent this evening, so I hope and pray that he would be 'smiles' when we pick him up tomorrow.

He's leaving camp early after the Saturday campfire because he wanted some time to rest before starting school on Monday.

In fact he was not going to this camp at all but the Pack Leader has asked him specifically to go as he is "an important part of the pack".

It's nice to feel wanted. Still I hope he does not get swallowed up by his negativity.

3rd October: Weeks later now. Forgot I had this post on draft. Camp was OK. He's even made friends again with the youth leader who reprimanded him. Turned out he lives on the same street and is now back at university.

Turns out too that son really thinks of him as his "role model".

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