Thursday, February 08, 2007

The last to be chosen

Last week and this we've been working on son not being too hard on himself.

Yesterday he came home, ostensibly happy, but when we got talking it transpired that two boys were chosen as captains, and they both picked all the boys who were best at football and he, my son, was the last one to be picked.

I am not surprised as he is not really into football. We've asked him many, many times if he would, like most of the boys in his class take football lessons. The answer has always been a consistent 'no'.

Yes, I'm afraid we've come to that. Not good at a certain skill, sign up for lessons in that. That's the singular disadvantage of having an only child.

He has no siblings to play and spar with. He does not have cousins living near us. All the neighbours' children are of the 'wrong' age.

Of course he needed some consoling, but not a lot. He's just come home from school last week with a shirt collar full of stickers, for giving several correct answers at the music quiz.

They were, apparently, also started on 'dictation' and again, with no preparation by us (as we don't bother very much with this any way) he apparently got all his answers right. Zero mistakes.

So he's got to learn that when it comes to quizzes and competitions of that sort, he would be the first to be chosen.

The good news is he's now agreed that doing some lessons at 'soccer school' during the school holidays might be a good idea, to give him opportunities to improve his ball skills.

As we worked on his swimming in the last summer, this summer he's going to work on his football, and hopefully he would, at some point win a 'Most Improved Player' award.

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