Saturday, February 10, 2007

What a star!

We were all glad that school re-opened on Friday. The boys were all so excited about the snow still on the ground.

Son came home with 15 out of 15 for his spelling.

In the pool, swimming front crawl to the deep end is no more an issue.

His piano teacher wrote in her notes to me that she was impressed by his transposition skill. I had written earlier that son loves sitting at the piano to play tunes he has been playing in a different key from written.

He's been given the last tune in the book to play for next week. It's a tune that even I have not been able to master.

The strange thing is while I read much better than him, it does not translate so well to my fingers on the piano. I have to practise really, really hard to be able to play both hands together.

Son is not so competent at sight-reading, but once he's worked out the fingering -- his sense of rhythm is amazing -- he plays as if he has been playing that for ever. I am deeply envious.

What's the news about playing at school assembly then?

"Well, without my asking, Miss C says she'd arrange for me to play 'Race Against Time' at school assembly."

The last time Miss C said he should play "Indian Dance". 'Race' is a much more complicated piece.

And he jumps on the piano playing 'Race Against Time' without even bothering to look at the music.

At dinner I asked what was being said at Chapel.

"Something about leaders."

"Was Jesus a good leader?"

"No, you know that man who had twelve sons? But the youngest was chosen to be king."

"O! That's King David. He was not very strong like his brothers, was probably rubbish at football, but he was good at music, like you."

"Yes, he played this instrument like a little, what do you call it ...?"

"A lyre."

"Yes. A lyre. Can I play one too?"

At bath-time he said, "I want to be a TV star."

If he chooses to be and is able to be a good TV star, and brings much glory to God that way, let him be a TV star.

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