Sunday, June 17, 2007


I have invited the boys from school to busk for some money to liven up the atmosphere at the school summer fair.

Of course my son insisted that he should also be busking. He had been working on The Entertainer all by himself and was keen to show it off.

So I was constantly being harrassed at the fair by a seven-year-old, "Where is my piano? When can I busk?"

We had to move the piano away to make way for the bottle tombola in the corridor. In the end the 'big boys' decided that they would perform indoors and wheeled the piano in.

Of course son decided to jump on it and played. Not very much as he was shooed off by the senior boy, probably afraid that people would be giving him money instead of to his band. (These 13-year-olds decided to play for money to raise funds for a new school trophy. That is so very sweet, I thought.)

Thankfully son did not mind too much about being shooed off in this instance. But he's just been given new music books by my visitng cousin and it has got movie theme tunes in there. He can't wait to work on those.

However he has his piano exam to get over with first. This Thursday, after his cricket match in the afternoon.

Just hope and pray he does not get injured during the match. He does have a tendency to throw himself around.

Meanwhile no computer games. We noticed that after a session of hitting the keyboard furiously for a few minutes (not more than 20 minutes usually), his piano playing goes hay-wire.

It is as if the muscles used for the piano keyboard goes a bit wonky after a session on the computer. Just as I used to find it impossible to play the flute after an orchestra rehearsal playing the trombone. Totally different muscles are used and they need to be 're-conditioned' to get them right.

All the best, my son!

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