Wednesday, June 20, 2007

D-Day tomorrow

It's nearly here now. Grade 1 piano exam tomorrow.

But before that son has a cricket match to play against their arch-rivals.

He does not think very much of the sportsmanship of this school. They keep refusing to play their matches at his school. They have excuses like they do not have enough staff and so we have to go to them, or they simply do not show up.

Surely if they do not show, it should be considered a walk-over, and we should be declared winners. But we are far too polite to act like that.

Any way, tomorrow, this school comes to play cricket. While our boys have not been able to work on their cricket as they had been rehearsing for their Sports Day last week, and Speech Day in two weeks' time, they have been playing a lot of cricket just for fun.

By all accounts our boys are much stronger at cricket than they are at football or rugby compared to this other school. So I look forward to seeing them in action.

And then I would have to whisk son away for his exam. Pray that his fingers are not injured.

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