Thursday, September 18, 2008

Even longer peace

Son was given two smaller and one more major parts in the drama production and he is chuffed.

Then we quickly realized that the first rehearsal would clash with his orchestra practice at Tuesday lunch-time.

Monday morning he appeared really anxious. A mother knows these things, but tries not to highlight it. He would have to talk to various teachers about the clashes in his timetable, go to a Band rehearsal at lunch, organize to store his clarinet at the office, or in a locker somewhere, as well as organize himself to change into games kit for a football match. That is a lot for an eight-year-old.

First thing in the morning he spoke to teacher in charge of drama production and was reassured that she would speak to the Head of Music wrt the clash. Then the Band rehearsal time was changed at the last minute.

Did he panic? A little. But he got that sorted and even managed to get to the football match. He left his clarinet in the office for me to pick up, as planned. Good lad!

Tuesday's orchestra practice has now been switched as well so that he has orchestra, quick lunch and then drama rehearsal.

I noted to him that the should notify whoever in charge that he would have to leave early or arrive late due to lunch in between, just in case.

First thing at school, notified the teacher in charge of drama that he might be late. Sorted.

Wednesday was normal long day with Fun Choir.

Today there are drama rehearsals at lunch and after school at 4.30pm. He wanted to come home in between (for 45 minutes). Then he realized that a better idea is to stay at Late Class, finish his homework, play with his friends, and then attend rehearsal, which finishes at 5.30pm. It's going to mess up my cooking schedule, but it's not the end of the world.

So it will be interesting to see how he has coped with such a long day.

I think he's been doing very well.

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