Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sing your way home

Enjoying an extended afternoon of quiet here.

Extended till about 5pm because son has decided to go for an audition for the school music/drama production.

This is the son whose acting has been described as 'wooden' by his teachers but whose singing has been known to be about the best.

Despite the long-running saga of being bored with Oliver last year, and my reminding him that this production requires committment, he decided to go for it.

It surprises me even more as he had decided to forgo the audition for the Chapel Choir last week. He showed some disappointment when he thought only Form III and over were allowed to audition and he is in Form II.

When the Head of Music said Form II auditions were on last Friday he was chuffed, and then, didn't go for the audition ... because he thought he was not prepared. And also he thought -- wrongly -- that the choir practises at Tuesday lunch hour. He already has band practice on Monday lunch hour. Two days of disrupted lunch hours means ... less time for play.

"Maybe in Form III I would be more prepared."

I am a bit confused as to his goals and desires. No amount of coaxing would make him agree to go to the Head of Music to ask for a second chance. Yet he is going to this audition today. He even said I could help him to prepare for it "because I've seen that sometimes a bit of help is required". He was even more pleased then to learn that there was no need to prepare, as the teacher in charge was going to give them something to sing.

Based on his singing ability I have no doubt that he would do well, but it's his acting ability and readiness to commit that are questionable. Although he did say this is only for up to November. It's not going to be another Oliver.

Anyway, I shall enjoy this afternoon for now.

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