Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Speech Day Tomorrow/Victor Cup

Nanny's arrived (with her partner) for the event.

Weather's been so hot the boys have been told to be in 'shirt-sleeve order'. No blazers, no ties, no caps.

Yesterday son took part in the Victor Cup. This is the premium open swimming event at school. Boys swim two lengths each of backstroke, breast-stroke, butterfly and front crawl. They are not separated into age groups. Last year the event was won by a 10/11-year-old.

Son is not the strongest swimmer. In fact no matter how hard he seems to be trying his performance is not rated at anything above C (which is average).

Pick-up time he told me he came in third in his group (Form II). But there were only three boys in the race.

I was really chuffed by his attitude.

I was actually most surprised by the fact that only two boys (the third was from a lower Form who could not swim with that Form because of a nosebleed, but who actually beat the two Form II boys) in his Form took part.

One boy is superior to the others in swimming (his mum teaches swimming as well) and swam with Form III. No surprise there. He won his round.

But there are other boys in Form II who are very good in Sport. Why did they not take part?

Son entered the competition knowing he did not stand a tiny chance of winning, but he took the plunge (pun intended) and went for it.

It made up for his disappointment for not being able to take part in the Swimming Gala last week due to his burn wound.

I reminded him of how proud I am of him.

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