Thursday, July 02, 2009

Speech/less Day

Lazy morning. Hot.

Managed to all pile into the car at 1.21pm as planned. Found a convenient parking space. Yoohoo!

Proceedings bearable.

Then as we headed out of the church son came running back in. He had lost one of his Prize envelopes (with store voucher inside).

A couple of minutes later we saw him again. He had two envelopes in his hand.

Then as we got to the door, he was seen running in again. He had forgotten his water bottle.

I waited while the rest got to the car to get it started up, etc. Son came out, couldn't find water bottle. Maybe he didn't take it out of the car at all.

And just as I was about to say "Let's get to the car."

"O! I've lost one envelope again."


So I waited as he went in to try to retrieve his 'Instrumental Music Award' which only minutes before I had seen in his hand.

Back he came, couldn't find it.

I don't remember what I said but it obviously upset him. It's one of those "whatever I say will be wrong" moments. So I stopped trying.

When we got home he refused to return to school for the reception.

"What if someone has found your stuff and is waiting to hand it back to you?"

He came reluctantly and only some time later lightened up enough to have something to eat. Then he realized that there was some really good grub about and ate some more.

I don't know. This kid drives me mad sometimes. What was supposed to be a happy occasion he had to make into something not-so-happy with his strop. It was not as if anyone had chided him for losing a water bottle, or his award.

Favourite song at the moment, Africa by Toto after we heard and saw this, courtesy of Ginney at Straits Times Press. It's really quite amazing. These are Slovenians, but their English is so good. Definitely better than my Slovenian.


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