Monday, November 26, 2007

Piano Exam again

Tomorrow he sits his Grade Two exam. Did the mock exam today and only got 114.

Would he have the energy to put in another 6 points to get a merit?

This exam preparation has been too protracted for him, a marathon. He is so bored with playing the pieces we won't blame him if he messes it up. Would he have enough sprint left with the Finish line in sight?

At Fun Choir they were doing Jailhouse Rock. Over the weekend he started putting together Jailhouse Rock on his own. The result is quite impressive.

Husband and I agree that if he didn't do another piano exam again, we won't mind. But we want him to continue his study of the piano. He would be able to do so well, to enjoy himself and bring so much pleasure to others.

For now piano exam is a chore -- and he got himself a paper cut before going to bed, nice!

He's looking forward to being able to play in the orchestra. The Director of Music has invited him to join and son is chuffed.

But first those front teeth must grow out (down, actually) first. "Toothless" has been excused from clarinet lessons for two weeks.

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