Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Piano exam over, but then ...

Smiles as he came to me after school yesterday.

Thought he did well, but made a mistake in his scales. (Eventually he let on that he "ran out of fingers".) The examiner let him play it again, so he felt OK.

Celebration at home as planned.

Piano teacher group emailed to say everyone "had an odd blip". Ah well, that is life.

His new clarinet arrived. Although we had a note that says his lessons are suspended for at least two weeks to let his new teeth grow out, he spotted his name on the notice-board for an 8.30am lesson.

So we were there with his old school clarinet and his new clarinet. The Director of Music came around, retrieved the old clarinet and son continued to wait. When the teacher hadn't shown up by 8.50am he was in tears.

A prefect on late duty was taking him to the office when I emerged from the office after trying to sort out a little issue of the float for the school fair on Friday.

Told him to get back off to class.

Later I had an email from the Director of Music and a phone call from the teacher to say his lesson was indeed suspended but he didn't have time to rub out his name on the notice-board.

Ah, well, confusion cleared. Teacher was kind enough to talk it through with him personally.

Son was happy enough after Fun Choir, especially when he was rewarded by a chocolate biscuit. (They get a treat after rehearsals.)

Let's hope he learns to deal with unexpected situations much better as he grows up.

Poor boy. Has it been my fault for being so protective and always giving him very specific and clear-cut instructions? Should I cut him some slack? Let him flounder a bit more?


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