Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cub Scouting and all that

Son got duly enrolled as a Cub Scout. Then it was a visit to the fire station.

My duty was, of course, sewing on all those badges on his new uniform.

20th May was Piano Concert at his school. He played his 'Chant de la creuse' by C Franck, very well if I may say, and he has clearly leap-frogged over many of the older boys in his piano grades. But that is not important.

The important thing is he is developing confidence in his playing. One of the boys CF (three years older) stood out with his musicality. Son's teacher tells son that one day he could play as well as CF.

At reception I caught up with CF's mum. Apparently CF used to practise only three minutes. Wow! there is hope for us, I thought. Only after a Chinese piano teacher told him that he should practise at least 30 minutes a day did CF improve. (CF's mum is Chinese, like me, but comes from mainland China.)

So my son decides that he would start practising for 30 minutes every day "starting tomorrow".

Let's just say he's not been able to do 30 minutes but he is making good progress. Both piano grade 3 and clarinet grade 1 exams looming. And his ESB (English Speaking Board) exams as well.

Poor lad. But he's cool.

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