Sunday, May 04, 2008

School Exams -- nearly over!

Son seems so terribly comfortable with his exams, it is unreal.

Thursday was Geography. He forgot a number of facts. I think he now realizes that he has to do something to bring this information to the fore of his brains.

Friday was supposed to be last day of his exam. Unfortunately they have yet to re-sit their Maths paper. Not that it bothers him, but it is quite annoying.

Friday too was his first day at Cub Scouts and this was exciting for all of us.

He went, and stuck with us. The hall was very noisy during 'free play' and I was concerned that the noise might bother him.

But I think he forced himself to look beyond the noise. More structured activities followed.

He wanted me back at 7.30pm for an 8pm pick-up. So I did. They were singing loudly when I arrived. I peeked in the door. I think he saw me, but showed no effort to leave.

I sat outside and heard the leader calling out names. The children then mumbled some information.

Then I heard son's name called. His answer was 'cricket'.

He then went on for a minute or so. Was that my son speaking loudly and clearly to a room of virtual strangers?

He was dismissed later and he was full of excitement. He definitely wants to go back.


So on Saturday we went to buy his uniform even though he is not due to be 'invested' yet.

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