Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Exam results!

Exams are really over for now. Well, school exams are.

Son had his first result yesterday. Science. The average score for the class of 25 was 70%. His score was a respectable 96%.

We are both very proud of him, considering the fact that he refused to do any 'revision' he has done very well.

This morning he moaned that he is not likely to get 100% in Maths as he did in the last term.

There was a question about which meaning he was not sure. It had to do with calculating what angle is turned after half a turn. A 'turn' is a very vague term. Son interpreted it as 180 degrees, so have a turn would be 90 degrees. He is not sure whether the one turn could also be taken to be 360 degrees in which case half a turn would be 180 degrees.

I encouraged him to note this to his teacher, to stick up for himself and others.

Will be interesting to see what he does.

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