Thursday, May 28, 2009

An interesting day

Yesterday son had a play date with a female friend from church.

She's only six years old, very intelligent, and the two seemed to get on really well.

Her family are just back from from East Asia after several years teaching out there. We had lunch with them some months ago and we noticed these two highly intelligent children got on very well.

We had been clearing/sorting son's Lego. You wouldn't think any one child could have so much Lego. Anyway, instead of chocolates we decided that son would give her a bag of Lego bricks.

He packed a reasonable number of pieces, with all sorts of shapes of bricks, with mini-figures and all. Very generous of him, really.

Young lady friend was delighted. Her parents had packed her Lego away and couldn't find them after the house move! She noted too that she only had basic pieces and son gave her a very good selection of different types.

Today I asked him if he felt a bit lonely being an only child. A bit, he said.

Would he like to 'adopt' this little girl as her 'sister'.

"I don't think she's up for adopting," he said.

You have to laugh. I said, "You know, we could do things together with her. Go visit places, etc."

I think his response was "maybe".

PS: Also learned from young lady's mum that it is not 'politically correct' to say that my son is classified as 'SEN'. In an ordinary school he would be on the 'G&T' register. But since the school does not have a 'G&T' list, he is 'SEN' and the school has bent over backwards to help him.

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