Sunday, May 24, 2009

Must participate more!

Report cards came back.

Son shows consistently good results but most of the teachers indicate that he does not put in his best effort and all say that he could participate more in class.

So I mentioned that at one meal time. His response?

He does participate, but it gets a bit embarrassing to be giving all the right answers. He does not wish to show his friends up.

Dad says, you let the teachers worry about that.

For a young man for whom tests have shown that he lacks social comprehension, his sensitivity towards his classmates is to be lauded, I think.

The teacher has indicated that he gets on with everyone in class and is well respected. How long would this continue if he does, as the teachers expect, to put his hand up to give all the correct answers, or even incorrect ones?

The plan now is at least for half a term he participates as much as possible, regardless of what his mates might think of him.

He's also getting a bit tired of being made to play the piano at school music classes, he says. "It would be nice if I could play the glockenspiel (spelling?). "But because he is the most proficient pianist he gets the job of doing that. Never mind.

He is revelling in how everyone wants to be on his team when it comes to anything to do with music.

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