Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mr Hot Cross Buns

It's been a lovely weekend. I am tired and should be asleep, but I feel I must plod on.

Son's had a whole week of exams (in the mornings) and busy in the afternoon with his usual activities. He also had 8.30am music lessons on Wednesday and Thursday for otherwise his teachers could not fit in his clarinet and piano lessons.

Friday he tells us that he had been asked to replace one of the senior boys to perform on the piano on Saturday for prospective parents at the school open day. Cool.

He was up right early Saturday morning because he best mate was expected before they both had to go to school to perform with the Fun Choir.

The purpose for their performance was to showcase what the boys get up to so that prospective parents would go "wow" and send their children to us.

After the Headmaster's (long) speech in which he referred to saving the best for last, the school's best pianist (Form 5 boy) was called to perform. We reckon he was playing a piece from his Grade 6 syllabus.

Then son got up to announce he was going to play "Hot Cross Buns". There were audible sniggers and I thought, "O no! How dare they laugh? This would put him off."

He played his Hot Cross Buns, a swing version with intricate chords and rhythm, flawlessly, much to my relief. After that several parents remarked how impressed they were. After all, he's only nine (in Form 2) three years younger than the best pianist and four years younger than the senior boy he stood in for.

He told us later that when he heard the audience laugh he nearly said, "but not as you know it", and thought he must play it so well that no one would laugh after that.

A bit of Susan Boyle there.

Boy done good, and we are, as usual, immensely proud of him.

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