Sunday, January 28, 2007

Front Crawl

Fridays are mad days.

Son has piano lessons at school in the morning. I head off to do my bit for parents and toddlers.

Son has swimming lessons at school in the afternoon. I collect him after school, and we head off together for his drama classes, which he absolutely loves.

There was excited chatter as he was released. Something about swimming right across the length of the pool doing front crawl without a float.

He's been able to do the length of the pool without a float for some time. Now the instructor is refining their skills and son was delighted that he could do the front crawl. Even turning his head on the side to breathe.

Last summer (early July), he was so nervous in water we were told to give him extra tuition in swimming. Looks like all those trips to the leisure centre paid off, despite having to pay an exhorbitant entry fee to the pool. It also helped that we stayed at the 'Y' in Singapore with its rooftop pool during our brief sojourn there last year.

Though he's still not the best at swimming in his class (a couple of boys are way ahead of the rest), son now likes being in water so much that he thinks swimming is his favourite sport.

That is what I call a 'result'.

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