Friday, January 12, 2007

Jumped in the deep end of the pool today

With a float, and swam the length of the pool a couple of times.

"I'm really pleased I did that. It was fun."

My son enjoying being in the pool with his feet not touching the floor? Miracles do happen. And he was so chuffed.

Played one of his compositions to piano teacher. Then Teacher made him play to the next boy waiting for lessons, the Head Boy, no less.

Also, he told me, he's been asked to play "Indian Dance" at Assembly for the big boys.

Teacher wrote in son's book that he is talented and a natural at the piano. She is going to push him. How do I feel about him sitting his Grade 1 exam very soon?

My initial reaction is "Not". Son would not be happy if he did not gain at least a Merit.

Does son want to do exams soon? Apparently a resounding "Yes".

Enjoyed his drama classes. We had nice chats on our walk to and from drama class. We noted especially how 6+ boys do not often play the piano at 'big boy assembly'. Son and a classmate were the first.

Good news from the accountant, too. My tax bill is much lower than expected.


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