Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Tooth is Out

"Mum! Could you come to my room please?"

"No," was my prompt answer.

"I've lost my tooth!" And he was in our room in no time at all.

He did, tiny little tooth in his tiny little hand.

"It felt a little uncomfortable. I was grinding my teeth and it fell off. There's no more pain."

Thank you, God!

The new tooth did not cause him any pain, but the wobbly one seemed to be causing some distress. Now that it's out, the new tooth can move forward -- as a couple of dentists say it will.

We're absent from church while Dad is helping out at the baptismal service. Son has still got a cold and my injured leg and stomach cramps conspire to make us feel rather lazy.

O! Must not forget the iron tablet.

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