Sunday, January 28, 2007

Meanwhile on the piano

We were sad to learn that his current (and first) piano teacher has decided to leave.

She's moved away and offered jobs elsewhere and it seems logical for her to make this career move.

It's such a shame as son seems to get along with her so well and has learned so much.

He's had 12 lessons and come to the end of the book, bar the last page.

This weekend we had been trying to play the duets.

I said 'we', but son didn't really like the idea of playing with mummy, it seemed.

I struggled with my bit of the music -- although I read music and play other instruments, I've never taken lessons on the piano and only learned to play it myself recently -- and he struggled with his, but he did not ask for help.

This morning (Sunday), before we set off for church, we finally played the first part of the first duet together. Despite the mistakes we both made, it sounded really good.

So, more practice, and we had another go later this evening.

He still gets cross when he makes mistakes as son is a perfectionist, but I think -- I hope and pray -- that he's beginning to see/feel/understand the joys of making music after the hard work has gone in.

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